Cognitive Problem Solving And Creative Inventing

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Cognitive Problem Solving and Creative Inventing Cognitive psychology involves a multitude of different processes, and one of these amazing processes is problem solving. There are several approaches to understanding problem solving, some of these being the Gestalt approach, the information processing approach, and analogical problem solving. Creativity and open mindedness can play a critical role in solving problems as they can provide out of the box thinking in finding abnormal or unusual solutions. Sometimes being an expert in a specific field can aid in problem solving as a source of knowledge, and sometimes it can hinder problem solving as a set of boundaries for thinking. Many obstacles in problem solving have to do with fixation on…show more content…
A few different approaches to problem solving exist. One of these approaches, the Gestalt approach, involves how a problem is represented in the mind (Goldstein, 2015). Gestalt Approach According to Goldstein (2015), representation of a problem can differ from person to person. The first influence on representation in the mind is how the problem is initially presented (Goldstein, 2015). A math problem is presented differently than a science problem, and therefore is already potentially represented differently in the mind. Often times this initial representation does not immediately offer a solution, so a change in representation is required. This change in representation is called restructuring (Goldstein, 2015). A Gestalt concept that followed restructuring was insight. Insight is “the sudden realization of a problem’s solution” (Goldstein, 2015, p. 337). Insight occurs when restructuring triggers the solution to come to a person’s mind (Lv, 2015). A noninsight problem is associated more with a process instead of the sudden idea of insight (Goldstein, 2015). Insight has an exponential rate of arrival at the solution while noninsight involves a steady, gradual arrival (Goldstein, 2015). Obstacles While Gestalt psychologists invented many concepts about problem solving, they also discovered a few obstacles. One such obstacle is fixation. Fixation involves focus on a certain aspect of the problem which hinders progress
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