Cognitive Process Associated with Language Essay

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Cognitive Processes Associated With Language
Gwendolyn Spillman,
University of Phoenix
Cognitive Psychology
Gaston Weisz
March 21, 2014 Cognitive Processes Associated With Language
Language is a cognitive function that most humans take for granted. The basic means of communication among individuals is through language. Language allows people to communicate with each other, share his or her thoughts and feelings, share ideas and concepts, fears, and affirmations. Different cultures have different languages as well as vocabulary and grammatically components that each one understands. The goal of this paper is to explain what language is and the many methods behind it, the cognitive process of perception and how it
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Once a word or sentence has been parsed and traced to a representation inference takes place. Some people use bridging inferences where they will look back at text to find connections with previous material (Anderson, 2010). Others use elaborative inferences where they predict what will come next in future text information (Anderson, 2010).
Most of the human brain system is used in language comprehension Anderson, 2010). Most processing is acquired instantly with the exception of ambiguity. When ambiguity occurs it may take just seconds to obtain the correct interpretation of the meaning of a word or sentence. Studies have shown that activity in the Broca’s area of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for producing language, will increase when individuals have to change their initial interpretation of a sentence and locate new representation to acquire the correct meaning.
Language and its many methods
When one speaks of language one is referring to the method of human communication. This communication can be in the form of written, spoken, or signed. These would consist of using the words in a structured as well as a conventional way. Language is used to expressing inner thoughts as well as many emotions. Language is used to communicate and fill one's needs, wants, and rules. Language can be in many forms basic, physical, verbal, and
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