Cognitive Psychology Essay

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Evolution of Cognitive Psychology
Plynia Welty
Psych 560
June 11, 2012
Brian Uldall

Evolution of Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology embarked on a revolutionary journey since the era of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Dr. King, 2012). St. Aquinas was the pioneering mind behind the idea that behavior can be divided into two areas, cognitive and effect." Logging empirical research on a subject provides practitioners a comprehensive view of the subject matter" (Dr. King, 2012). In relation to cognitive psychology, one must first have a definition of cognition. The next line of thinking would be to have a working knowledge if interdisciplinary perspective as related to cognitive psychology and a description of the appearance of
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The cognitive processes begin at age zero and continue until life ceases. However, the cognitive process will vary from person to person depending on his or her social situation in life and the amount of intellectual stimulus dedicated to the individual.
Interdisciplinary Perspective as Related to Cognitive Psychology In order to understand the interdisciplinary perspective in relation to cognitive psychology it is necessary to understand the discipline itself and its attractiveness. History shows that cognitive psychology was originally considered experimental psychology (McLeod, 2007). The term cognitive psychology came into use around 1967 with the publication of a book titled "Cognitive Psychology" by Ulric Neisser (McLeod, 2007). The Cognitive Science Society officially began in the late 1970's. Psychology was not considered a main player. The core group was formed from three main disciplines, artificial intelligence, psychology, and linguistics. While philosophy, neuroscience and anthropology played smaller roles (Gentner, 2010). Since cognitive psychologusts play a dominant role in the field of psychology, a large amount of practitioners consider themselves cognitive psychologists. Many sub disciplines contain cognition and is based on the root of psychology. Cognitive psychology is the center focus "within the interdisciplinary field study termed cognitive science"
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