Cognitive Psychology : The Mind As An Information Processor

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Though we may not realize it nor want to acknowledge it, Cognitive Psychology is a part of every human 's daily life. Cognitive Psychology is the scientific study of the mind as an information processor. In a simpler definition, it is the study of how our minds interpret and process things that we either are informed of or something we take into thought. Cognitive Psychology is a part of our attention process, language use, our memory for both long and short term, perception, problem solving, creativity, and the way we think. Each of these different features are a part of how we perceive information, think, remember, and use the information we gather. Through this branch of psychology, researchers are able to observe the relationship…show more content…
Neisser wrote the first published book on Cognitive Psychology in the year of 1967. This book revealed his research on new-found information on how people learn, the structure of the brain and how we think, how the brain stores knowledge, and how humans use knowledge. Neisser was concerned that cognitive psychology was starting to become distant from reality. Therefore, he suggested that cognitive psychologist redirect their interested attention and pay more attention to the world in which cognition is lively occurring. A few more important figures in our society to the cognition world would be Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, and Walter Mischel. Beck was a developer of cognitive therapy by which is now used to help disorders that vary from depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, and even addictions. Becks therapy fell right into the works of Ellis, who created behavioral therapy to help like rational-emotive therapy.Then, Mischel took both of these therapies and combined their theories to focus on personality formation and the issues with the conscious. As studies continued, the obvious came along that nothing is perfect including our minds. By this, psychologist found mental disorders. The study of these disorders are known as Psychopathology.
The study of Psychopathology brought to attention that these cognitive disorders start slowly and progress until they affect one’s life to
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