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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper
Cesar Larios
PSY 360
December 1, 2014
Terry Blackmon
Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper
The human mind is full of complexity, with it we have the ability to breath, have a heartbeat, and also process what we see around us. Many experts in the field of psychology had tried to explain the full complexity of our brain’s actions and thoughts. According to Galotti (2014), cognitive psychology studies our thoughts such as what we perceive, attend, remember, think, categorize reason, decide, and so forth. Cognitive psychology opened the door to innovation it allowed psychologist room for expansion by giving them different ways to interpret psychology. With the desire for a change in traditional
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These constructs allowed psychologists to accurately examine the thought processes derived from the person being studied. According to Willingham (2007), “An abstract construct is a theoretical set of processes and representations that are useful in explaining some data.” These studies were able to take the inter thoughts of an individual’s brain processes. These studies will observe individuals as if they would on a computer this helped them determine what could happen next.
The third milestone that contributed to the development of cognitive psychology is the implication of neuroscience. As society evolved so did the world, new devices were develop in order to examine the human mind. According to Willingham (2007), “Artificial intelligence is the pursuit of intelligent behavior by a computer.” With the implementations of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology has kept the study of behaviorism in the field of psychology. Researchers make comparisons of computer programs that allows a computer to finish a function as comparison of the human brain in completing task (Willingham, 2007). Neuroscience has the capability of taking the abstract constructs that are generated and placing them together to make a connection with a subject’s brain structure with how it functions. The study of neuroscience opened the door into the biological foundation within the human
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