Cognitive Theories And Development Of A Healthy Personality Essay

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Cognitive theories tend toward development stage models because our cognitive and mental processes serves as an explanation toward how a child develops. Cognitive theories focus on the idea of nature versus nature. The way our metal processes are formed can be biological or externally influenced. Cognitive theories are used to explain how a child develops through different stages. Our brain has to form networks in order for us to develop normally. We learn the fundamental needs to survive and need to internalize it through our cognitive process. Development changes show the affects it changes in our brain patterns. As we grow older, cognitive theories help explain the process in we develop and how we think. Since we internalize learned behaviors stored in our brains, cognitive theories tend toward development stage models to explain how we grow. B.) There are eight stages to Erikson’s crises in the development of a healthy personality. The first stage is trust versus mistrust. During this stage, the infant is trying to see if the world is good or bad. The infant needs reassurance and comfort from his or her parent in order to feel safe and secure in the world. The second stage is autonomy versus shame and doubt. Children in this stage need to be able to explore what they can do independently. Too much parent involvement during this stage can lead the child to doubt himself or herself. They will doubt if they can or cannot do things on their own. The third stage is
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