Cognitive Theory And Cognitive Theories

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Cognitive Development Learning Theory which is a theory in the Development Across the Life Span. Development involving the ways that growth and change in intellectual capabilities influence a person or some ones behavior. Major Proponents, Jean Piaget. Physical and Cognitive development tie together in ways and it is important to understand both. Cognitive theory tries to understand your thought process, this theory has been used to explain mental thought processes as they are influenced by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Both that will eventually bring about the learning of an individual. This theory has two theories the Social Cognitive Theory and the Cognitive Behavioral Theory. Many points and sources of this topic will be discussed. We will talk about the Cognitive Learning Theory itself and the two other theories along with it. Many questions people may ask are: what is Cognitive Learning Theory, what is Social Cognitive Theory, what is the theory of learning, and what kind of place do these things have in our lives? Many culture, ethnicity and race can influence development. In order to ever fully understand development we need to take the complex issues associated with human diversity into consideration. Researchers have to look in on diversity for similarities and differences amongst and around the world. Certain environment stimuli are necessary for normal development.

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When we think of learning we…
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