Cognitive Theory

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Cognitive – Development Theory Sarah Self Pikes Peak Community College Psychology 235 June 23, 2013 Instructor Routh Cognitive – Development Theory Childhood is an interesting time in a child’s life. It is a time for children to grow, learn, and mature so they are set up for success in adulthood. A child’s brain develops through multiple aspects in their lives such as the television, picture books, and games. Television is a way for children to develop in their age range, because the shows are aimed to help them at the stage their brain is at in development. Piaget concluded that there were four different stages in the cognitive development of children (Edward, Hopgood, Rosenberg, & Rush). It brings to question how do…show more content…
Parents are also able to help with conditioning their child to become an acceptable human being. This comes into play with the learning theory- behaviorism which consists of operant conditioning. Responses that we reward, or reinforce, will be learned. Responses that are not reinforced go away or are extinguished (Belsky, 2010). For instance when a child is acting out you use a punishment, but if they are behaving the way the parents wants them to they reinforce that action. By doing this a child will have the skills to mature into a young adult and later into a grown adult and function in the real life. A parent is a key part in helping a child develop into the person they become later on in life. During this stage that Piaget describes they still cannot see other people’s points of view and think everyone sees from their perspective. This can be important to know when dealing with a child in the age range so you can know how to talk to them or relate to them. Piaget uses an interesting method of using children’s books to help see the development of a child. He realized that we like stories with human characters, or animal characters with decidedly human characteristics, that display a wide range of physical, cognitive, and socioemotional features (Hansen & Zambo, 2005). Piaget’s third stage of cognitive-developmental theory is the concrete operations stage which occurs during ages seven through age
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