Cognitive Theory

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The cognitive restructuring theory commands that one’s personal impractical philosophies are precisely responsible for producing dysfunctional feelings and their subsequent behaviors, such as anxiety, despair, and social extractions; and humans can be purged of such feelings and their validities by demolishing the theories that give them life. The cognitive restructuring model is a proven model in addressing behavioral issues concerning stroke victims and adolescents. Team A’s focus will be addressing the perceptions into these interventions. Behavioral changes can be difficult, but for a stroke victim it can be even more challenging due to cognitive deficiencies after a stroke. These changes are not only grueling to accept, but create…show more content…
An example of an exercise used to assist clients is documenting daily events that bring on unwanted actions. Adolescents suffering from depression are often asked to record thoughts on situations happening is day to day life. When a situation happens that furthers or intensifies the clients unwanted behavior, thoughts are recorded, this is to monitor and change specific behaviors and thoughts. By reporting ones thoughts and feelings the individual can document what has happened, what thoughts are happening, and what changes need to be made to improve the unwanted behavior. By continuing to document feelings and thoughts of depression, the adolescent will be able to notice a change in their own behavior; they will be able to realize that emotions are dictating how they react to certain events. With the documenting process of cognitive restructuring, many individuals will be capable of changing their own thought process for the better. Each session with the depressed adolescent should be well structured with feedback from the adolescent, frequent feedback allows the client to be heavily involved and will bring about different emotions. Emotions are the overall goal, being aware of one’s emotional state during life events is a key to altering the depressive behavior. Further intervention steps in cognitive restructuring for adolescents will include coping skills and scheduling. Depression is a sickness that can affect
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