Cognitive Therapy And The Treatment Of Depression

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Introduction Research has proven that Cognitive therapy works just as good as the medications given the right experience. The Interaction to Cognitive Therapy (ICS) Study An accruing relapse of depression is hard to overcome nevertheless; preventing these relapses is the key. The length of depression constitutes a major problem in the treatment of depression. However, many evidences suggest that psychological treatments have been withdrawn to the many treatment trials that have been found in cognitive therapy such as drugs or different types of therapy that defends against depression. “The preventive interventions such as the drugs operate through effects in changing the patterns of the cognitive processing that becomes active in mild negative side effects” (Teasdale, Segal, & Williams, 1995, p.25). The goal of any treatment is to reduce relapses and the recurrence in patients who have recovered from depression. Therefore, the interaction to cognitive subsystems (ICS), that frame works all aspects of information that may be developed. The understanding of depression and its treatment is by cognitive therapy. The different aspects and experiences are represented in patterns that are qualitatively different to ICS. Different inflections and patterns seem different, but are the inflections to pitch, or loudness that represents in a speech level code. Many analogies, recurring patterns are common to visual inputs from similar objects and what objects are different. All
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