Cognitive Therapy

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Cognitive therapy focuses on the internal thoughts and feelings rather than behavior (Capella, 2009). There are several psychological disorders linked to the cognitive model. Depression is one of the disorders are linked the cognitive model, which is something that Darnell has. It is comprised of a cluster of depressing attitudes including but not limited to expecting the worst of one's self, the world presently and future called the cognitive triad (Corsini, Raynond et al, 2008). Some of his symptoms consist of not wanting to be sociable or maintaining friendships. Plus, even though Darnell is very athletic, he is very withdrawn from people and he feels his life is a waste, which he feels is the main problem. This type attitude interferes with healthy adaption concerning the patient's life. The type of depression that he has is moderate. . Moderate depression features are negative thinking decrease social functioning which reduces activity. Occupational performance can too be affected by this form of depression. To treat moderated depression, cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended but only after consulting with a physician to ensure proper treatment to be received. If required, a low dosage of medication can be administered and change of lifestyle can have a positive effect on someone suffering from this level of depression (, 2009). In the short goals, we will ask him to find something that is important to him and identify why it is important.
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