Cognitive and Physical Stimulation Toys have on Children

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1.Discuss the possible cognitive effect (if any) that each of the toys has on the age group that the toy is targeted toward. What cognitive stimulation does the toy provide? “At about age 2 children become capable of representation, of thinking about the properties of things without having to act on them directly. This capacity marks the first level of the preoperational period. At this level, the child can deal with only one representation-one idea or thought at a time. At the second level of the preoperational period, beginning at about age 4, children develop the ability to deal mentally with more complex things.” (Early Childhood Development/The Talking Page, Literacy Organization, Research Information ) I have chosen Taffy Sea Turtles Catch and Hatch Pool Toy for the cognitive effects it has on its age group. This toy is targeted toward ages six and up and is more complex. It consists of baby turtles and their shells. You instruct the children to take the baby turtles out of their shells and throw them into a pool. The empty shells are evenly distributed among the children that are playing. These shells are placed in different areas by the pool by each individual child. The children then choose a nesting place (where they will put all the eggs after they put their baby turtles in them). Then the children can count down to a starting time, like 5 4 3 2 1. The children race to get the baby turtles, place them into their respective shells then race to their “nest”.
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