Cognitive and Social Learning Theories

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1.Question 1and Question 2, Cognitive learning theory and Social learning theory
2.Question2, Reinforcement theory, Constructivism theory and Sensory stimulation theory
3.Question 3
Question 1

Define the concept LEARNING (10)
Learning refers to ones change in knowledge or behaviour as the outcome of experience. Learning is an process that does not stop. Ones learning curve continues for the lifetime of the individual. Most learning happens through experience eg. training. Learning is ones development or improvement of skills, finding new ways in which things can be done for a better result. Learning is not only a acquired through formal structured activities at school, university and a the workplace but also from interacting with people and observing their inputs and outputs.

Question 2

There are many different theories of how people learn. Discuss the following theories of learning which are major perspectives on workplace learning
Cognitive learning theory-. Cognitive learning theory of psychology tries to interpret human behavior by understanding what goes on in ones mind, the thought process.The main focuses are on how humans solve problems and how one interprets information. The major theorists in the cognitive approach are Koffka, Kohler, Lewin, Piaget, Ausubel, Bruner, and Gagne. They argue that ZealBergh(2011).Workplace learning, learning also takes place through memory, judgement, problem solving, reasoning and understanding.
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