Cohabitation Is An Ideal Test Of Compatibility Before A Marriage

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In previous generations, living with a partner for an extended period of time before marriage was considered sinful and was highly looked down upon. However, in today’s society, this stage in a relationship, known as cohabitation, is undeniably more common. According to recent research, cohabitation has increased by more than 1500% in the last 50 years, and over 60% of all married couples have cohabited for some time before their current marriage (Fitzgibbons, 2005). The recent uprising in the popularity of cohabitation has led previous research to become even more controversial. Is cohabitation a predictor of a stable and lasting marriage? Some people believe cohabitation is an ideal test of compatibility before a marriage, while some people deem cohabitation as a strong contributor to divorce. A third group believes that cohabitation itself does not directly contribute to divorce; instead it is the factors that typically accompany cohabiting relationships that leads to instability. Cohabitation has historically been regarded as a detriment to any preceding marriage. One group of researchers holds that the research done up until this point remains valid and cohabitation tends to lead to very unstable marriages. In 2012, researchers in Pennsylvania performed a study assessing how cohabitation affects the quality of a subsequent marriage. The study found that men and women who lived with their partner before they were married reported lower marital qualities than the couples…

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