Cohorts and Generations

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SYP-4730 Aging in America Cohorts and Generations Research Paper Yonathan Mikelstein 300158279 September 7th, 2013 Dr. Y. Dokurugu Mondays 5:45-8:15 PM Age has become a very important topic to be discussed as the world carries on. As people become more knowledgeable and certain advancements in life occur, people are beginning to realize that there indeed is a way to maximize your years and to have a meaningful life once one is old. Studying age has become important in social behavior also. Each generation possesses its own definition and witnessed some of the same events. Studies have come to regard generations, as familial so on the true term for the different age groups is cohorts. Again, each cohort has a range of people in…show more content…
The major event that signifies how these people lived their lives begins with the stock market crash in 1929. These were pretty dark times in America. At that time, not only were woman’s rights and minority rights at the forefront of life, but also white men had seen their wealth in jeopardy. People tend to compare the Great Recession of the current day to the Great Depression caused by the stock market crash but it really does not compare. The quality of life in those times was barely scraping the surface of what was to come. People literally starved, were homeless, and lost everything that they had worked for. To match the atrocities of the financial of the American people, this cohort also seen the events that lead to World War II. Japan's invasions of countries began in this era and Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Though these times cost many American lives the effects on the economy were actually positive. This is possibly when America first began to realize that it had the power to pretty much do as it pleased. So on, America's world police mentality in general was amplified because of this period in time. Many have analyzed this period in time as the consequences of abusing the swing era. People in the swing era were careless with money and had complete confidence in America as a whole and their lackadaisical ways left the Great Depression in its wake. (Kyvig, 2002) The people of the silent generation would not have the same
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