Coke Ad Analysis

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COCA-COLA Believe in Happier Tomorrow This new ad commercial launched in December 2011 by Coca-Cola was christened as "Believe in happier tomorrow". The Beverage giant continued with the same message of “Open Happiness” unlike its rival Pepsi who keeps changing their theme (From Youngistan to Wow). This ad, as stated earlier, is more or less on the same lines with its Diwali Counterpart where the main theme was to spread happiness and feeling of togetherness. It was fashioned to spawn the much needed positive vibes and optimism at the time when the world is sceptical as it is entering the last year of the Mayan calendar. Youtube link - The ad starts with a bunch of enthusiastic kids…show more content…
The ad had a strong urban connect mainly for youths. Music is very catchy and was one of the most downloaded ringtones at the time of its launch (as confirmed by several music sites). In a single minute commercial the product appeared at the 50th second and immediately was soon out of sight. In few other cases the impact could be made even in the last second but here, in this particular commercial, I believe, Coke required more air time. Messages are, on first place, in English language which do away with a huge consumer base who are unfamiliar with the language. Messages are pretty fast moving and require a sound intellect to comprehend it in the first go. Good amount of Statistics was used in written messages which on one hand enhanced credibility but at the same time they were too absorbing and rendered the message difficult to comprehend. Audio and Video were not able to create a sync with written messages which were undoubtedly the most influential part of the whole campaign, and those who, for some reason or the other, missed the verbatim could not make a connect to the advertisement solely based on its Audio or Video. The disclaimer deliberately shown before the ad start could have caused an inquisitiveness in viewer for the first time regarding ad but goes unnoticed owing to the fast pace. Suggestions and Recommendation Sequence of Different messages
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