Coke And Pepsi : The World War Two Era And The Present Day

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Somewhere in between the post world war two era and the present day, Coke and Pepsi have elaborated and revamped what is and was advertising. Styles of ads have changed dramatically from what was deemed morally acceptable to what is seen as uncontroversial. Coke and Pepsi have been battling it out for some time in order to win the war of who can sell the best can of poison. People think of the tasty, sweet, and desirable drink as nothing more than a healthy dose of the daily sugar intake. Even back in the day when television was starting up, we could turn it on and find nothing else other than our favorite athlete or actress, sipping a can of this delectable treat. Coke and Pepsi would stop at nothing, aside from an extra zero on a paycheck, to get the best ads they possibly could; even if those ads came in a weird and corny way to intrigue the audience. Companies continue to take advertisements to extremes and will stop at nothing, even after they are on top. Coke and Pepsi, two incredibly successful companies, that are unbeatable at their game. How are these two companies able to keep their success at an all time high? Still, they continue to raise the bar they have set, over and over again. Coke uses advertisements that appeal to the soul, shine some light on the day, and intrigue us on an emotional level. The other king of pop known as Pepsi takes to the airwaves as they target the area of humanity that is involved with sports as well as actresses and actors, to endorse

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