Coke And Sprite Research Paper

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Research Question. What is the difference in nutritional content between Coke and Sprite? Aim. To see which cool drink, Coke or Sprite, has the best nutritional content. Hypothesis. Sprite has a better nutritional content than Coke. Motivation. In modern society cold drinks have become a popular consumable with many people drinking more cold drink than water. This is an issue because of the growing health issues relating to obesity, diabetes and many more in society, thus making it a worthwhile topic to research because so many people consume cold drinks such as Sprite and Coke on a daily basis and are unaware of the nutritional content and the effects of this lifestyle habit on their health. People are also unsure as to whether Sprite is healthier to drink than Coke. With the pressures of looking good and eating healthy becoming more and more prevalent in…show more content…
When asked why they thought this they said it was because they heard how much sugar Coke has in it and other bad things about Coke yet they are still drinking it. Majority of students say that they consume Coke or Sprite because they prefer the taste of them to water or juice. Even though a majority are aware of the negative effects Coke and Sprite have on your body they still prefer to drink these products over healthy alternatives. People are aware of the health benefits of drinking healthier products, such as water or fruit juice, as well as which cool drink is healthier for them but, as we can see from the results of the surveys of matric students from King David High School Linksfield, they are not making the healthy choice. Stress could be factor as to why these students, who are aware of how unhealthy these products are, are choosing to drink Coke or Sprite over healthier products because of the high sugar and energy content found in these

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