Coke Is Short For Coca Cola

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Cathrine Deulloa Professor B. McCurdy Business 300 3 May 2015 Coke Is Short for Coca Cola The history of Coca Cola dates all the way back to 1886 when John Pemberton, a pharmacist that studied medicine and pharmaceuticals at the Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon, stumbled upon a taste bud enchanting drink that is well known today as Coca Cola. Pemberton’s preference was medical chemistry rather than regular medicine which explained his many attempts on trying to create a successful medicinal beverage. He created the syrup and took it to his neighborhood pharmacy where he got it carbonated. Then he took it to his partner/book keeper, Frank M. Robinson, where they came up with the name Coca Cola and got the drink established. John Pemberton’s idea of Coca Cola was invented to be used as a medicinal beverage that was supposed to help hair loss, relieve headaches, and help with addiction to morphine (although that did not pan out, because shortly after he created the medicine he became addicted to morphine, which initially contradicted the works of his medication). The medical ingredients in the drink actually derives from its name “Coca Cola”; "Coca" came from the Coca leaf, which is used to create cocaine that this soda contained, and "Cola" from the Kola nut, which provides the caffeine in the drink. When John Pemberton first started his business, it wasn 't thriving; he was making on average 9 sales a day, with only himself and his partner on the job and he didn
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