Coke 's Newest Packaging Scheme

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When I need a cup of coffee in the morning, I always reach past the other mugs and use my personalized mug. It’s a taller white mug, with my name ‘Lizz’ printed in a colorful playful font. I love my unique mug not only because of the fun design, but because it is personalized for me. The personalization of the mug makes me feel connected to my special mug. If another member of my family were to use my mug, they would feel no connection to it. When an item or product is personalized to us, we feel an instant connection to the object. Why have a plain mug, when you can have one with your name on it? Personalized items are everywhere for this reason. There are mug, hats, stationary, and many other items with personalization. Coke has realized the connection between personalized products and consumers, and is taking full advantage of the trend. Under Coke’s newest packaging scheme, ‘Share a Coke’, bottles are printed with names on the side, so a consumer can have their own personal Coke. Packaging schemes, such as Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, lure consumers into purchasing a product through personalization. With their new marketing campaign, Coke makes consumers feel connected to their product. People around the country dig through shelves to find a bottle with their name on it. These bottles do not differ much from a normal Coke, one side has the traditional ‘Coca-Cola’ logo, and the other side says ‘Share a Coke with’ following by one of 250 names. And if…
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