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Coke commercial Vs Pepsi commercial Coke and Pepsi have always been rival beverages for decades. I can remember my teens when most households would divide into two when it came to choosing their choice of drink, especially when going for grocery shopping. Even the advert aired by both brands shows a lot of rivalries between them. When one makes a new product, the other would do everything possible to make something similar or better than the former. Making people, both old and young believe their product is the best. When comparing the two beverages, there’s a major thing we normally notice from their commercials, while Coca-Cola Company uses families and animal in most of their commercial ads relating to peoples society, Pepsi…show more content…
The sales young man was hit and fell on a cart which took him out of the store and connected him to his family celebrating Christmas with coke. A TV news presenter was connected to a cook on another TV to enjoy the Christmas pudding. Santa also connects a lonely dog to a happy family as well as connecting the young lovers backing each other to share a happy moment together. This shows that with coke, society: young, old and animals all enjoy the happy moment with Santa connecting them and making sure coke is everywhere. Pepsi's advertisement was based on a young man getting what he wished for Christmas because Santa had a Pepsi max to drink. The joy Santa derived from his new found drink translated to the young man who woke up to turn tables and a microphone, now he can sing and be like snopp dogg thanks to a Pepsi Max. Overall both commercials have their similarities and differences. Both are centered on Christmas and what people expect of the season. Everyone wishes to be happy, joyful, and cheerful and most of all they wish that Santa would make all their wishes come true. This is portrayed in both commercials. Again both commercials are about soft drinks; Coke and Pepsi and how they contribute to make the season joyous. Another similarity is that both commercials have a happy ending. When it comes to differences we can say that even though the commercials are both for soft drinks, they are

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