Cold American Political System

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The antagonists in the political systems of the Soviet Union and North America during the cold war

The relationship which existed during the cold war between North America and the Soviet Union was majorly based on the different ideologies of the different nations, the political grounds and the difference in the economic factors. Upto date the cooperation of the two great nations are guided with a lot of caution and also there exists a lot of bitter rivalry between the two nations too. The difference in the political systems which existed in the two countries led to the differences in most of the core policies implementation issues. During the cold war, the difference in the policies which existed between the two nations led to the creation of the Cuban missile crisis which made the two nations come to war.
The different in the political ideologies during the cold war was caused by the hostility of the United States of America to the soviet leaders because they had withdrawn Russia from participating in the World War 1. Also the difference in political ideologies like the use of two different economic
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The bitter American leaders made the antagonism to increase between the two nations because they had supported a lot of activities which were not in line with human rights. The cold war period opened up the American leaders and the soviet leaders which created a stronger relationship between the two countries. Different political systems made the two sides to have different believes on the operations which took place in bringing harmony among the other nations. Tension was high which made the cold war successful but later between 1989-1991 the Soviet Union failed in the use of communism system. This led to increased ties between the two nations whereby they became friendly to each
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