Cold Blood : The Trial Of The Century

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In Cold Blood verses the Trial of the Century In Cold Blood brought about many social concerns and it was the cold and brutal facts of such a gruesome murder which was brought to the small town and the innocent family. Capote provided a detailed account and documentation of how the police force and legal system work in America. While the actual murders take up a small percentage of the 400 page novel, its main focus is on the hunt of Smith and Hickock, the trial, and ultimately the execution of the two murderers. Capote explored the frustrations of the police force, the frustration, and the cold facts which surrounded the murder. There is an element of suspense which Capote brought to In Cold Blood as the reader waits for the final execution and in the process learn about mitigating circumstances which made them the way they were. Capote also explored the everyday people and how they are altered in a way such as Smith was. Psychologically, this book or documentation is imperative as it explores how the life he was born into, poor, abused, being shifted from institution, uneducated, and a drifter due to these circumstances, shows that the environment has a great impact upon people, especially those that have psychotic personalities. Perry was hopeless and believed that there was no place in life that he fit in so when he met Hickock, a friendship was formed. Not having social skills lends to those finding others that don’t seem to fit into society. In
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