Cold Blooded Killer: A Narrative Fiction

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I always knew I was different from the other kids not just because I seemed different or even acted it. No it was because I talked to the moon. As I walked home from school I tried to remember my last dream. It was weird it had the moon and my parents. I walked up to the door preparing to get my key out but the door was ajar. That’s weird we don’t leave the door unlocked. "Mum, Dad" I called, "I'm home" I walked into the kitchen to grab some food, but instead I find the two people I love most lying on the floor covered in blood motionless. The pain simply excruciating "Why me?" I whimpered before everything went black … TWO WEEKS LATER It has been about 3 days since …show more content…

The only relief I found was the anti-depressants and home where no one could talk to me, except the moon. He visited me in my dreams and I talked to him when to moon was at its highest every night. I told him how lonely I was and how I wished my parent would be there for me but most of all I wished for someone to just hold me and tell me everything will be ok soon. “My sweet I woke on the couch again not able to stomach that my parents bought everything in that room. “Why?” I choked out while sobbing for the hundredth time over how unfair it was that they died. Knock, Knock “Urgh” I groaned still a bit tired “what do you want” I said through gritted teeth wishing I could just wallow in self-pity. “Are you Miss Santafye I’m here to talk about your parents will?” he said looking professional. I let him in the house “… here is their will now I’ve told you all the conditions for this situation please come to me in a weeks’ time to finalize the will” he walked himself out while I don’t move the only words my eyes are stuck on are “we leave you everything” burnt in my

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