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Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons is the tale of nineteen-year-old Flora Poste and the changes she has to go through after the death of her parents. Flora begins her new life living with her friend Mrs. Smiling in the wealthy, upper-class side of London. Flora decides that she would prefer to live in the “real” world so she can gain material for a novel she plans on writing. In order to accomplish this, she chooses to live with her relatives, the Starkadders, at Cold Comfort Farm. Flora’s main reason for living there is to reform the Starkadders’ manners and fix their problems.. Her actions cause the reader to believe she is a malicious person, but Gibbons portrays her as a force of good through confidence, meddling, and sincerity.…show more content…
Flora is convinced that the farm will be tortuous, so she sets out on her adventure to reform it. At first, she has difficulty understanding the Starkadders, proven by “On the whole, I dislike my fellow-beings; I find them so difficult to understand. But I have a tidy mind, and untidy lives irritate me (page 20).” However, as the novel develops, Flora slowly begins to look after the Starkadders in a more amiable manner while changing them. These changes occur due to her meddling, but they are positive because they allow the characters to have better lives. Flora is the only character at Cold Comfort Farm that is able to see things for what they are. She chooses to go to Cold Comfort Farm on her own volition and she realizes she had the option to live with wealthier relatives. So, the sole purpose of her visit is to meddle in her relatives’ lives and change them, proven by “Here was an occasion, she thought, for indulging in that deliberate rudeness which only persons with habitually good manners have the right to commit... (page 100).” Flora has already decided, before arriving at Cold Comfort Farm, that every problem can be solved. Throughout the novel, Flora shows her sincerity. She is able to see beneath the surface of everyone and find out what they truly think. This ability is extremely important at Cold Comfort Farm because Flora is an outsider. When she arrives at the farm, she expresses her desire for change. Flora also has the ability to find the good in

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