Essay about Cold Hard Cash and Greed

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Cold Hard Cash
What do you spend your whole life trying to get more of, day after day? Money, it’s all people ever think about any more. How much money they need to pay their bill or to buy the new car they want. What most people don’t know is that if you earned an annual salary above $506,000 it puts you in the top 1% of the richest people in the U.S., while you need to make less than $2,500 a year to be in the bottom 1% (nation). Where do you stand? People don’t see that this hunger for money is ruining our lives. But who puts such a strong value on money? Although Polk states “I always wanted more money” and Hanc states “No proof of need is required to receive food from food banks”, I believe that greed can come in many different forms.
Sam Polk, writer for The New York Times, writes about his experience about how he came to be a millionaire. Polk writs about how his dad taught him about two things; rage and money. While attending college Polk was suspended for burglary, being arrested twice and fist fighting. After that Polk called a counselor for help. The counselor addressed the problems that Polk had. He was using his alcohol and drug addictions to give him the sense of being in power. After being drug free from cocaine and ecstasy for a year Polk got a job. At the end of his first year working at the company he earned his first big pay check. This is when he became addicted to money and the power he got from it. Once he told his counselor the good news she…

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