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Savannah Newton
AP English III
7 December 2012
A Look into William P. Inman:
An Analysis of “Cold Mountain”
In Charles Frazier’s 1997 novel “Cold Mountain,” an injured soldier named Inman begins his journey of travelling to Cold Mountain where his true love named Ada Monroe lived. Ada’s father, a former preacher at Cold Mountain, called Monroe, suddenly passes away and Ada is forced to move back to their home in Black Cove. Ada, having no idea how to make a living, had communications through the Swangers with a girl named Ruby, who helped make the farm profitable. Meanwhile, Inman commits violent acts with noble intentions. His aggression protects the innocent and therefore justifies his violence. Inman’s moral
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Apple trees hanging heavy with fruit but yet unaccountably blossoming, ice rimming the spring, okra plants blooming yellow and maroon, maple leaves red as
October, corn tops tasseling, a stuffed chair pulled up to the glowing parlor hearth, pumpkins shining in the fields, laurels blooming on the hillsides, ditch banks full of orange jewelweed, white blossoms on dogwood, purple on redbud. Everything coming around at once. And there were white oaks, and a great number of crows, or at least the spirits of crows, dancing and singing in the upper limbs. (Frazier 353)
The connection between internal moods and external landscape is apparent when Inman is in Ada’s arms. He considers her to be his home and believes that “cures of all sorts exist in the natural world. Its every nook and cranny apparently lay filled with physic and restorative to bind up rents from the outside” (Frazier 333). Inman made it to Ada and his self-prophecy was

Newton 4 fulfilled. Inman dies not regretting any decision he made along his journey to Cold Mountain for he has finally found his home. Inman’s making of quick decisions causes destruction in the journey, but the destination never changed. Inman’s moral ambiguity not only creates a deep, complicated plot, but it follows through with the understanding that all human beings, if being put into such a situation, will go forth with what they want, regardless of
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