Essay on Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

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ColdMountain - Charles Frazier - Characters : their development and impact. 1.

Inman is left psychologically scarred by memories of war and the ghosts of his fellow soldiers who have died fighting. The war turned
Inman into a very violent person, one who is brutal and holds little regard for human life as he resorts to violence a great deal through out his travels. His meeting with Sara results in violence when he kills the three Federals who stole her pig and trashed her house.
Whilst being ashamed of the killings he is able to deal with having the following thoughts,

"Inman decided to view what was before him in this context: next to the field in front of the sunken road at Fredericksburg or the accumulated mess at
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Swimmer had claimed that at the top of the highest mountain you would come to the lower reaches of a forest where lived a celestial race and it was here that the dead spirit of man could be reborn.

Swimmer had said that , "a man's spirit could be torn apart and cease and yet his body keep on living."(Page 19) and Inman, after his time at Fredericksburg was quite prepared to say that Swimmer was right.


The journey Inman takes home to Cold Mountain is not only a geographical journey but also a psychological one. Through his travels back to his homeland Inman is transformed into a gentler and more compassionate man than he was when he started his trip. This advancement is far more important that that of his physical journey as without this he would have returned to Ada as a man that she would not have loved and thus been a mostly wasted journey.


Inman meets a lot of different people on his way to Cold Mountain that help him change to become a more humane and compassionate person. The first time one can see that Inman is changing is his run in with
Veasey who was about to throw a girl off a cliff. Though Inman considers the preacher damnable and can see merit in killing him Inman chooses to let him live and chooses to let the community choose the penalty for Veasey. This shows that Inman has changed and become more kind-hearted since his confrontation with the three men
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