Essay about Cold Mountain - the Journey and Rebirth of Ada Monroe

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The Journey and Rebirth of Ada Monroe Ada's life of high-privilege, status, and wealth have secluded her from the importance of nature and the effect it has on human life. In the past, she found comfort in depending on her father to take care of her and secure her future. Her life was carefree and was suppose to be lived according to planned. When her father unexpectedly passed away, Ada was left stranded and burdened with the responsibilities of normal people. Ada was forced to find something or someone else that would give her stability, guidance, and reassurance through her new life's hardships. Through Ruby's knowledge, experience, and bond with nature, Ada was able to appreciate and become more one with the environment. Ada…show more content…
Working in the fields has also enabled her to clear her mind while leaving her senses open to her surroundings. She is able to see things of nature for what they are without putting any thought in comparing it to something else. Ada is able to see the uniqueness and beauty of nature's creatures and resources. In describing this phenomenon, Ada says "I believe those moments to be the root of my new mien." (p258) Ada has transformed into a new woman and finds these newly acquired gifts as part of her new life. When Ada and Inman finally reunited, they both had trouble recognizing one another. Inman's first impression of Ada when she was shooting the turkey was that she was a man. After they both realized each other's identity, the scene was very anticlimactic as Ada nonchalantly picked up the turkeys and returned to camp. Ada's appearance had changed so much that Inman didn't even recognize her. He was not expecting Ada to be as independent and rough as she was. Following their reconciling, Ruby says "You don't need him..." and Ada responds "I know I don't need him... But I think I want him." (p325) After Ada's father passed away, she forced herself too hard to become independent and self sufficient. When she finally was able to support and provide for herself, she had no use for a man to do things for her. Inman arrived at a bad time because he was no longer needed, and Ada
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