Cold Rolling of Metals

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Abstract This report is to highlight the methods, results and theory relevant during an engineering experiment called “cold rolling of metals". The purpose of this report is to show how readings obtained from the set-out experiment, can be evaluated to determine the behavior of 3 selected materials; Brass, Copper and Aluminium through the process of cold rolling. The form of the materials are in small strips which are processed via cold-rolling method 4 times from their original state to evaluate the effects incurred on hardness values, width, length and thicknesses. Hardness values/vickers numbers are determined for each material using a Vickers hardness tester and the measurements of width, length & thickness taken using a vernier…show more content…
Effects of cold-working however may be reversed with additional processes such as annealing at high temperatures, where re-crystallization would reduce the overall dislocation density of the material. Process Advantages & Disadvantages The advantages of incorporating the need for cold rolling processes simply is its ability to process without the requirement of heat; the ability to achieve a very good surface finish, repeatable and consistent tolerances, improved mechanical and tribological properties and the ability to transmit directional properties to the worked material. But with almost every process there is drawbacks in the case of cold-rolling this could include; the loss of ductility within a material, the requirement of higher forces to be present to deform a given material, adamant surface cleanliness to be present enabling to achieve a defect free surface finish and the cost implications of equipment due to the specific forces required and strain hardening. Experiment The cold-rolling experiment to be conducted within this report will be on three forms of material Brass, Copper and Aluminium. Each of the materials in order will be measured in their dimensional planes & material hardness determined before being processed through the laboratory cold rolling apparatus. Upon completion of the number of test trials the results found will be
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