Cold Stone Creamery: Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is the key to a successful business and in today's economy every organization should have a marketing plan in place. The organization discussed in the following paper is Cold Stone Creamery, the paper will entail a brief overview of the organization, and a description of a new product that Cold Stone Creamery will introduce. Since marketing is so important there is an explanation of how marketing is important to the success of Cold Stone Creamery and an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends of the new product and what approach is used to develop the strategies and tactics for this new product. Cold Stone Creamery was created in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland in Tempe, Arizona. They have…show more content…
Chamber of Commerce, 2009). The financial presumptions outlined in a business plan are based on the assumptions contained in the market plan. The market plan will illustrate when expenditures will be made, the level of sales to be achieved, and how and when advertising and promotional expenditures will be completed (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2009). Team C has chosen a direct approach to marketing The Happy Camper by using a research and analysis method to determine how popular the new creation would be, to see if it will be added to Cold Stone's menu. First, we will offer free samples of the new flavor, then second, we will survey each participant, and third we will concentrate a marketing campaign based on the results. Cold Stone has not participated in national, mass media advertising up to this point, The Happy Camper may be best advertised through the company website. To start, free coupons will be issued to any website visitor who wishes to participate in the Happy Camper survey. The only thing that will be asked of the customer is that they fill out and return a survey to the location from which the sample was given. Each franchise will be reimbursed for the costs of the ice cream and will be asked to return the surveys to the corporate office. Customers will also be invited to provide comments online. Then, based on the results, another online marketing campaign will be launched

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