Cold Stone Creamery Team

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A) How is the term “team” defined in this video? The video defines team as, “A group of workers with a shared mission and vision and collective responsibilities. A team shares or rotates leadership roles. Team members are accountable for one another and measure their effectiveness by assessing the output of their collective labours” (Chapter 18 Teamwork at Cold Stone Creamery) Can you offer a definition that is more specific? Teamwork is a group of people who work together toward a specific goal regardless of personal feelings toward one another. A team will use their individual skills and provide constructive feedback to each other. B) What six different kinds of teams were mentioned in the Video? 1. “Formal teams are integraded part of the…show more content…
C) What characteristics make for effective teams? According to the video, the characteristics of an effective team are, “size of the team, diversity of its members, and roles. Teams of seven or less are generally more effective. Smaller teams: reach agreement, share opinions, and ask more questions. Larger teams: disagreements, less participation, and more demands on the team leader. Successful teams require a diversity of knowledge, skills, perspectives, and experience.” (Chapter 18 Teamwork at Cold Stone Creamery) In your experience with teams, do you agree or disagree? I, personally, have not had a lot of experience working within a team. With the little experience I do have, I would have to mostly agree with the video on how an effective and successful team is made. For example, when I was in my GED/business program, I was part of the student counsel. There were only four of us; our class had about 15 students. We did a better job of coming up with effective solutions when it was just the student counsel doing it, rather than the full class. I do, however, think that the video is not fully accurate when it talks about large groups. Just because a team is small, it doesn’t guarantee the success of the team. In some situations, a larger team may be
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