Cold Stone Creamery Video Analysis

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After viewing the video on Cold Stone Creamery it is pretty obvious that teamwork permeates through everything they do. They define a team as a group of workers that have a shared mission and vision while also sharing the same responsibilities. This definition makes a lot of sense to me while thinking about how teamwork is defined. If I had to define team work in my own words it would be a group of colleagues working on a task together with efficiency that also has a specific end goal in mind. For example at my church we serve complimentary coffee to the guests that attend our services. A team of 2 or 3 people prepares and serves at each service. We arrive about an hour before the service starts. We take care of all the setup, serving, and clean up together. If not too many guests come to that particular service it isn’t too busy for us. On a busy night like Christmas Eve theirs is lots of people and they all want coffee. With enough people to serve everything goes smoothly. I’ve served by myself before and it’s much easier with a good team
The video listed 6 different types
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Not to keep bringing McDonalds up in every example I give, but McDonalds has taught me a lot about working in teams. On a shift there will be a group of people working in the kitchen called the Production team. The people in the production team each has a different role to play. One person will be tasked with cooking all the products. Two people will be on one side of the prep table. There will be a manager that is in charge of the area. Each person has their strengths which usually determines which area they will be placed in. For instance in the service area there are usually 2 or 3 ladies that are designated order takers because they are fast and efficient. Other people are stronger on different
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