Cold War Containment

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The Cold War was the period in history in which for 40 years the world was under the constant threat of total destruction, caught between the nuclear stockpiles of the United States, Great Britain, and France on one side and the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China on the other. After WWII, both the US and Soviet Union considered themselves global superpowers.
This put the two countries in direct competition with each other. Differences between economic ideals also created tension between the two countries. The United States was distrustful and often fearful of communism. This perspective caused the US to enter a strategy of containment that would prevent communism from spreading to other countries while simultaneously blocking trade that would allow the Soviet Union to prosper. Containment lead to numerous conflicts around the world. Both the two countries were responsible for this.

The reasons why the USSR were to blame was mainly Stalin’s occupation of Eastern Europe. When Germany was loosing the war the big three (USA, USSR, Britain) decided Eastern Europe would be a Soviet sphere of influence. This was mainly because the soviet lost an estimated 20 million people during the war, which is more than ten percent of USSR’s population. After the war Stalin had controlled most of eastern Europe and instead of withdrawing his troops he left then there. Stalin controlled Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania and set up communist
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