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Cold War There have been various ideologies, events, and origins of the Cold War that have dominated American foreign policy from 1946 to 1989. The Cold War was a time of conflict between between the U.S. and the USSR; the two Superpowers saw each other as a threat. Thus they continued to fight to preserve their positions. Each side became involved in events such as the Korean War. They each stood behind the other nations fighting. Together the rise in communism, a rise of the Soviet influence dominated American foreign policy, and the creation of the Warsaw Pact. Moreover the USSR began to have impact in Eastern Europe. Leaders from the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union met to discuss what to do with Europe. They agreed for the…show more content…
Western Germany was to be remilitarized. The United States and other members of NATO decided to make Western Germany a member of NATO. The Soviets saw this to be a direct threat and responded with the Warsaw Pact. America saw the Warsaw Pact as a way of the Soviets spreading communism. The United States felt by including Western Germany in the Pact it would put them in danger of a new war and create a threat. Document 3 shows how NATO responded to the creation of the Warsaw Pact. This document outlines the conditions under which Western Germany agrees to ally with the members of NATO. By the United States uniting with Western Germany the Soviets felt they needed to make alliances. Document 4 is important in relation to the Warsaw Pact because it details the event. The United States admittance of Western Germany was a strategy in dealing with the USSR. The Soviets would use Western Germany in terms of promoting themselves with use of propaganda. Also indebting them and reminding of the Soviets role in liberating them. The United States no longer wanted this influence to take place. The purpose of this document was to inform people about why the Warsaw Pact was such a controversial

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