Cold War

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In the 1990’s, the Vietnamese had a lot of conflict. America, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam were the three main countries involved in this conflict. This conflict was a built from a cold war perspective. This war created many effects on the world; some were good others were bad. It was mainly between the 2 major powers, the United States, and the Soviet Union. The conflict started during the Cold War, where the two countries were being aggravated by each other's ever expanding powers. The United States had enough of this when the Soviet Union sought to expand its communist government system. North Vietnam was on the communist side whilst South Vietnam was supported by countries that were against communism. The Soviet Union already had many …show more content…
They thought that the soldiers were ordered to murder innocent people. The end of this war and the cold war demolished imperialism. Many people started distrusting their government and friends. The loss of the U.S. in the Vietnam War contributed to a big change in its military and government system (Bibliography, 6). On the other hand the Soviet Union gained confidence because of their big win in this small war. The Vietnam War was a turning point at which it help’s the communism takeover. After winning the war in Vietnam, the Soviet Union tried to take over Afghanistan. In conclusion, this resulted in a failure, which led the communist system to collapse and force the Soviet Union to fall deep in debt.
The cold war had a major effect on the U.S. and the Soviet Union. First of all, let’s start with the effects on the United States. Their government suffered a lot due to the media. When someone received information from the Pentagon, they spread out the information to media. After getting the information, the media printed that out and passed it out to everyone. The papers had top secret government only information that talked about how their next attack. Furthermore, the U.S. government was forced to be changed by the people. They changed their military and government by adding new policies. That resulted in a major government change in the United States. The Soviets on the other hand took advantage of this halt. They sought to spread out

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