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The Cold War, 1949-1963 25.1 American Commitment to Cold War: National Security Council Document 68 1.     How NSC-68 influenced America’s response to Communist North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in June 1950 and to Communist expansion in Southeast Asia in the 1960s. The NSC-68 called for military assistance programs that would meet the requirements of our allies. Since South Korea was an ally, we assisted them in repelling the invasion of another communist nation. This help for South Korea meant that a communist nation would be weakened and therefore possibly cripple a potential ally for the Soviet Union. Also, South Korea would then respond to a call for aid if the Soviet Union ever attacked…show more content…
2.     Which events in the war may have influenced responses in the polls of October 13, 1950, and January 22, 1951. On October 9th, 1950, the UN troops that crossed the 38th parallel declared the defeat of North Korea and the attempted reunification of the country. On October 13th, 1950, Chinese Communist Forces entered Korea. 3.     How much public opinion polls should influence the conduct of American foreign policy. American foreign policy should be heavily influenced by the public opinion polls as long as the public has enough information about the issue to make an intelligent decision. However, if the American government is keeping secrets from the people that need to be considered when concerning the conduct of American foreign policy, then the polls should not influence it. 25.3 The Origins of “McCarthyism” 1.     Whether Griffith’s evidence supports his evaluation of McCarthy and McCarthyism. Griffith’s evidence does support his evaluation of McCarthy. Griffith says that McCarthy simply adopted a “political issue which was already sanction by much of the nation’s political leadership.” 2.     Whether Griffith’s view of McCarthyism helps explain American politics in the 1950s. Griffith’s view of McCarthyism offers a clear explanation of American politics in the 1950s. Griffith says that political leaders helped to instill a

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