Cold War Origins

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The origins of the Cold War remind me of my kids and them fighting over the last cookie in the cookie jar. The USA and Russia were allies during World War II, but the end of the war the divide had begun. Now the question is how did they get here? What led them to this point that would almost spiral into direct conflict and could have destroyed the earth a few times over (in class statement). It wasn't simply because of different government systems, it was deeper than that. Much like that cookie that my kids fight over. this disagreement was mostly due to distrust and long held questions of the others motives. Russia wanted acceptance on a global level and the USA was slow to give it to them. So the origins of what grew into the largest and…show more content…
The first true large scale conflict between the communist block and the west occurred on the Korean peninsula when on June 25, 1950 the north Koreans poured across the border. ( . The policy of containment turned into a direct conflict with communist forces from the North. This war would turn into another bloodbath. The two forms of governments (Chinese and North Korea were both communist) again after the war would retreat to their own corners and distrust would ensue on a grander scale. The Russian were not "technically" a combatant in the Korean war, but make no mistake their involvement was huge . The way Zhang Xiaoming put in his article that he wrote for " The Journal of Conflict Studies" titled China, the Soviet Union, and the Korean War: From an Abortive Air War Plan to a Wartime Relationship" Indeed the war-waging capabilities of the People's Republic of China (PRC) were limited, and its war efforts in Korea depended on Soviet equipment, Soviet advice, and particularly Soviet air support. Recent revelations of Chinese and former Soviet archival records demonstrate a deep involvement of the Soviet Union on the Communist side in the Korean War, especially the Soviet Air Force units and other military personnel that were actively participating in the fight against the US and its allies.2 Yet, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin's fear of a direct confrontation with the United…show more content…
Truman started us down this path and Reagan brought it full circle with Mutually Assured Destruction at the center of their containment policy. The Origins of the cold war were really not to complicated and understandable when you look at the human condition. We misunderstood each other and neither side was willing to give much. What resulted was many around the world died needlessly because adults could not talk like civilized human beings. The USSR ideology and what Lenin and Stalin did to their own people are disgusting and immoral. Communism on the whole is a evil entity in my opinion , but that is hard for the USA to cast stones because of who we support and prop up . The USA has backed and supported some of the most brutal regimes that the world has ever known, but we like them because they're our type of dictators. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chile(Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s Military Junta) and dozens of others. So it is lazy to say that it was over Communism only, it was over economics and control of the world. The USA would eventually spend the USSR to bankruptcy (15-25 % of GNP went to military) and along with internal pressure brought the USSR down (Strayer, Robert W) . The cost in the end was massive and millions had died, the policy of containment had "worked" but at a real human cost. Was it worth it? Was it worth the fight over that last

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