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In the post World War II era, a war arose between the Soviet Union and the United States, but in reality there was never really any documented fighting between the two nations, thus spawning the catch phrase "Cold War." Even though both countries were ready to go to war at the blink of an eye and almost did, the powers-that-be never got the nerve to authorize a nuclear war that would have made World War II look like child's play. This was a war fought in the political ring, and was also a war that did not start at the end of World War II, this war started during the war against Hitler and lasted for forty more years before peace became predominant over the crumbling Soviet Union. Many events occurred in this political…show more content…
With Roosevelt dying, the foreign policy of the United States was about to do a complete 180 in reverse. Suddenly, all the cabinet and legislative members have a significant role in the diplomatic world, a world they had previously been shut out of for over a decade. In the middle lies a man who had not a clue about what he was getting himself into. Harry Truman was about to get in way over his head, and absolutely being Roosevelt's fault, Truman was about to get into a situation he was almost completely unfamiliar with. Poor Truman had been briefed but only once in the matters involving the war, and the decisions he was about to make would shape the world forever. With Roosevelt being a pacifist with Stalin, a decent working relationship evolved between the two, and some glimmer of hope can be seen to this day about what could have happened if Roosevelt did not die and kept up the good standing with Russia. Imagining Stalin's reaction after the Yalta Conference with Roosevelt to that of the Potsdam Conference just months after Roosevelt's death with Truman at the helm being very aggressive towards Communism in Eastern Europe is almost comical, if the severity of the situation is not understood. This must be noted as one of the building blocks of the Cold War with Russia, because this marks the official point where America's stance towards Stalin and Communism changes drastically and the time

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