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Cold War Research Paper The Cold War was fought between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The war was a battle to be the most powerful country in the world. Although the Cold War was not a violent one it affected many other countries besides the United States and the Soviet Union. Most of the battles were races to get the achieve technology. South Korea was deeply affected by the Cold War; “Letter to General-Lieutenant Hodge on Northern Korea Providing Electricity to Southern Korea” proves that South Korea’s debt to North Korea was directly associated with the Cold War. North Korea was also very much affected by the Cold War; “Soviet Report on Communists in Korea, 1945” validates the fact that the North Korean…show more content…
With the creation of a popular democratic front, KIM IL SUNG will be a suitable candidate to head it” (Report on Communists in Korea). If it weren’t for the Soviets, there would be less separation and the North and South Korean governments would be completely different. The author refers to the mass separation between the two parties but doesn’t really pay any attention to it, “In South Korea, besides the Communist Party, the strongest party is the Democratic Party, which represents the interests of the big landowners and capitalists. The party numbers about 10,000 and is headed by Song Jin-u. The party openly engages in pro-imperialist and anti-Communist propaganda”(Report on Communists in Korea). The Cold War affected North Korea in ways other than politically, also. The National Security Report, NSC 8/2 affected the North Koreans intellectually. Henry A Kissinger, the Assistant to the President of the United States, wrote this report. Kissinger wrote this on March 22, 1949. 1949 was after the Marshall Plan was announced. Kissinger wrote this to the President of the United States of America. Kissinger wrote the report to discuss the issues in Korea. Kissinger is trying to get across that things are very tense between the Communists and Democrats in Korea. These conflicts eventually led to the Korean War and conflicts that continue to this day. The Cold War affected the North Korean’s Intellectually. If it were not

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