Cold War Uniqueness

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The Uniqueness of the Cold War
Following the second World War, tensions arose between the United States and the Soviet Union in what is known as the Cold War. The Cold War was mostly a war of threats and races for prestige, such as the arms race and space race. However, the war of threats boiled over into proxy wars fought between ally countries of either side, economically and militarily aided by the two superpowers. Although the Cold War did not involve open warfare between the US and Soviet Union, aggression was manifested through the use of economic warfare, utilizing the arms race, space race, and proxy wars.
A large part of the Cold War was the costly nuclear arms race. At the beginning of the Cold War the US was the only nation known
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Both nations had started working on the development of surveillance satellites prior to the peak of the space race. However, the Soviets were able to launch their satellite before the US could. Following the unexpected launch of Soviet satellite, Sputnik, many Americans felt a sense of urgency to catch up on ground already lost to the Soviets. After constant testing and trials, America fell short again when the Soviet Union sent Yuri Gagarin to orbit the earth, making him the first human in space. America responded to this with the Apollo missions, with the goal being to land man on the moon. However, with ten thousand dollars being the cost of putting a pound of payload into near-Earth orbit, it is safe to say that the cost of landing on the moon and returning would be upwards of a billion dollars (Kaku). Finally, the US was victorious and their Apollo 11 mission landed on the surface of the moon in July 1969. Shortly after the US landed on the moon, the Soviet Union dropped out of the race to the moon because their tests kept failing, and it was getting too costly. Due to the Soviet Union dropping out, the US essentially “won” the space race. Consequently, it could be said that the US also won the economic battle that occurred alongside the space race with them coming out as the superior nation, and with less money used and less money wasted than the Soviet
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