Cold War Vs. Soviet Union

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Cold War Argumentative Paper The cold war lasted from 1947 to 1991 and was the closest that the United State had ever come to total destruction and nuclear war. In this paper I will analyze the main moments leading to the close of the Cold War. The moments leading up to the decision that would end the Cold War are full of tension and uncertainty. In Adzhubei’s account of his visit to America and his meeting with John F.Kennedy and other officials and journalists you can tell that there is lots of tension and as Adzhubei clearly mentions there is a lot of uncertainty about how this conflict will end. “In the United States there is now a heightened nervousness and extraordinary interest in taking any step, which could occur in one way or another, that from the point of view of Americans promotes the possibility of reconciling American-Soviet differences.” This document clearly tells you that there is a great amount of tension that has built and is building between the U.S and the Soviet Union. This moment during the Cold War shows the way the J.F.K and officials of the Soviet Union feel about each other and clearly states that known fact that both sides believe that something will have to be done soon to prevent fallout between the two countries. One of the more important moments that led to the end of the Cold War was Khrushchev’s decision to place nuclear missiles in Cuba. We al know that Cuban and the Soviet Union had close ties and that’s why Cuba allowed the
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