Essay on Cold War and Us Diplomacy

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The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy politic 300 07/31/2011 The Cold War Diplomacy When most people think of President Kennedy’s Diplomacy efforts, they will often refer to situations that were resolved using the doctrine of flexible response. This is when the military and White House planners implemented a policy that offered them a range of options to choose from: in dealing with a host of threats. These included: the increased use of conventional forces to small and large nuclear weapons. As, this was based on two main principals most notably: destroying the enemy’s ability to make retaliatory strikes against American interests and only attacking the cities along with other population centers as a last resort. (Cohen, 1986, pp.…show more content…
Once the doctrine of flexible response was introduced, this gave American military planners greater amounts of flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of threats. At which point, they could place conventional forces in select regions of the world. While at the same time, they had a wide variety of nuclear deterrents to choose from including: small and longer range strike capabilities. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, this helped to keep the Soviet leadership guessing about what would be the final outcome of any kind of nuclear showdown with the US. As, they had the ability to strike at regional targets from: Turkey or Western Europe. At the same time, they had long range capabilities with the B -52 boomers that could leave the United States and hit targets deep within Russia. (Lockwood, 1999, pp. 83 – 99) Once the quarantine was imposed on Cuba, is when the Soviet Union would challenge Kennedy’s resolve. Yet, they did not want to breach the line that was established, as they were fearful that this could result in greater amounts of damage inflicted on the Soviet Union in comparison with America. This forced the leadership, to back off of their position on Cuba and begin negations with the Kennedy Administration about peacefully resolving the situation. In this aspect the doctrine of flexible response was successful, because it
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