Cold War in 1980s

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The Cold War in 1980s – The Prone Seigneur Between the Two Superpowers Since Cold War began at the end of World War in the late 1940s, the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, were racing their power to get their dominance over another. Each side feared the other’s superior weapons, such as the United States had nuclear weapon and the USSR had their mighty Red Army. The Cold War spread through decades and seemed to be indefinite. Two superpowers with the race of weapon not only weakened their economy but also threaten each other with their massive arsenals. Two sides negotiated to reduce half the numbers of nuclear weapon on each side as they worried that if the war started, it would be the third World War, and the …show more content…
During a heated debate in policy for two of his presidency , Reagan announced research program on Strategic Defense Initiative ( SDI ) “to find the advanced technologies such as lasers and missile warheads, high-energy defense against intercontinental ballistic missile sites” (“The Strategic” 32). Reagan’s idea, at that time, was to intercept and destroy the incoming ballistic missiles far away from his country. Although many scientists have expressed doubts about the feasibility of SDI technology and the economy have shown the enormous costs , but the government continues to implement this project . The Strategic Defense Initiative was eventually abandoned, and after a few years, it was nothing but a short chapter in history books. The program was hopefully a new revolution in defense system which was told to be impenetrable. But under the political pressure, the Strategic Defense Initiative was slated for failure. The Strategic Defense Initiative was not solely a failure, it had an important meaning of Reagan. Reagan was feared that the US actually could not protect their soil from aggressive weapon which the two superpowers were racing for so many years. Reagan knew the USSR feared the same threat. The Strategic Defense Initiative made the Soviet
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