Cole Cutner: Self Analysis

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Everyone knows about “Cole Cutner”! Although the question is is how well do you know me? There are three things that you will learn, and they are how I learn the best my strengths, and personality color. Once I apply these things I will become a better student overall.

First, How do I learn the best? A test we took determined this and here are the numbers of things I related to in that category: Listening 5, Viewing 3, Doing 3, writing 2, reading 2, and speaking four. According to the test I learn the best by listening and speaking (no surprise). This means I will work better by studying with other people and listening to people tell me stuff instead of writing to tell me. For the speaking portion it means I am going to ask a lot of questions, and I will repeat things to remember or understand them.
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According to a test I took here are the results: Body Movement 4.29, social 3.71, self 3.57, nature 3.14, spatial 2.86, language 2.71, musical 2.57, and logic/math 1.86. The numbers are a rating from 1 being the least to 5 being the best, so my best is body movement. This means that I like to move,dance , run, and so on. I will perform the best by discussing while moving, or physically spelling out letters or imagining the routine and do all the motions.

Third, what is my personality Color? My Personality color is red. This means that I am an aggressive, driven, action and detailed oriented person. Although the downside is that I get stressed easily. In order for me to be productive I have to have a way to reduce it so here are some of the things I will do: Meditate, Deep breathing, and even ask for help. All of these things will help me become the most successful red personality person you
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