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Musical theater has been filled with countless talented composers. The amount of talent in the theater world is endless, but only few composers gain iconic status. The Gershwins, Rogers & Hammerstein, and Stephen Sondheim come to mind when thinking of the pinnacle of composing. One other man who deserves his permanent place with these others would be Cole Porter. Porter’s extensive library of songs has become classics along with a series of hit musicals that are still done in high mass today. Porter had his share of incredibly tough times, and it simply only makes his rise to the top even more impressive. Cole Porter is without a doubt one of the best composers to ever write for the stage in history. Cole Porter was born in Peru,…show more content…
Porter reintroduced himself in 1928 with the musical Paris. This musical contained what is considered to be one of his best list songs, “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love”. For the next few years, Porter was constantly writing for huge shows and revues and was finally regaining his credibility as a writer. His peak of this time would come in 1934 with the timeless musical Anything Goes. Anything Goes is considered by many to be the greatest score of this period (and many people would say it is Porter’s greatest ever as well). The original Off-Broadway incarceration would go on to be revived several times on Broadway, winning many awards in the process. In addition to Broadway and theater, Cole also was constantly writing for Hollywood at the time as well. These scores included scores for Born to Dance in 1936, featuring "You'd Be So Easy to Love" and "I've Got You Under My Skin", and Rosalie in 1937, featuring "In the Still of the Night". Porter was once again living a life of luxury and happiness, constantly throwing parties and being in the presence of celebrities. It seemed as though Cole was on top again, until a tragic riding accident in 1937 crushed both of his legs, leaving him largely crippled. Porter would undergo over 30 surgeries on his legs, and remained in pain for the remainder of his life. The pressures of the accident led

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