Coleridge And The Exploration Of The Supernatural Essay

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Coleridge and The Exploration of The Supernatural Samuel Taylor Coleridge had such an imaginative mind, especially in the late-eighteenth century. I wish I could personally peek inside his mind, but my only option is to read his works in order to develop an insight of his thought process. What attracts to me to Coleridge’s writing is not only the rhyme structure, but the themes that he works with within his poetry. I am particularly fond of the following themes: the supernatural, good and evil, transformation, and influence. In order to explore these themes within Coleridge’s work I have selected two poems to research, the poems are the following: “Christabel” and “The Rime of The Ancient Mariner.” The two poems that I have chosen incorporate all the themes I have mentioned. When these themes are used to unify a work it brings about ambiguity and uncertainty to the reader. According to Stoll, superstition and the supernatural were popular themes for Romantic writers. Stoll states the following, ” . . . As everybody knows, 1798, the date of the publication, was near the high tide of English Romanticism, a period at which the interest in the superstitious and the supernatural-ghosts and other spirits, witchcraft and magic, omens and forebodings-was widely prevalent. . .(222).” These themes leave us wondering if Geraldine is some sort of evil entity. Schwartz states, “The story is, like a dream of lovely forms, mixed with strange and indescribable terrors. The scene, the
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