Coleridge's Romantic Imagination Essay

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Coleridge's Romantic Imagination

The concept of the romantic imagination is subject to varied interpretation due to the varied and changing perceptions of romantic artists. There are several ways through which the concept of the romantic imagination in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poetry can be perceived. This difference in perception is a result of the reader's personal interpretation of the subject matter, which varies from person to person. Therefore, the focus of this analytical discussion will be based upon my own personal rendition of Coleridge's romantic imagination. This personal interpretation of the romantic imagination will be revealed through an analysis of Coleridge's state of mind as he interacts with nature.
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Lastly, once one is able to recognize that the diversity and purity of nature puts Coleridge in a virtuous and individualistic state of mind, one is able to perceive of how these connections with nature, in turn allow him to achieve an affiliated state of mind.

Many of Coleridge's poems present detailed accounts of his interactions with nature. Though it is easy to assume that this detail is simply an attempt to make his poetry more beautiful and pleasing to the average reader, one must contemplate Coleridge's true intent. Coleridge, in "Aids to Reflection" (1829), several years after writing "Frost at Midnight" (1798), believes that "The reason of [for] the variety and infinity of objects is given in the doctrine that external objects are mere signs of internal essences." (Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. quoted in Gardner, Joseph H., Emerson, ANQ, Coleridge, and a Phantom Quotation., Spring2000, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p32.)

Coleridge's view can be applied to his preceding poetic works in order to give one a clearer comprehension of the state of mind that has resulted from his interaction with nature. If one is to relate Coleridge's latter view to his previous poetry, Coleridge's "painted" account of nature can be seen as a manifestation of his inner self. This connection leads us to see how Coleridge's identification with individual aspects of nature, define his individuality. Once one is able to
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