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Recommendations to be followed 1. Following own way to do job rather than coping the competitors: - One of the most successful retailers in Britain, Charles Clore, was once asked the secret of good retailing. He said three things had to be considered — the site, the site and the site. In branding, the most important thing is to differentiate products — if your product is the same as everyone else's, why should anyone buy it? (Murphy, 1988). So Coles need to differentiate itself from the other competitors. In these days it is very hard to differentiate Woolworths and Coles from each other as both of them are assumed as a low price stores, so there is need to make the store “Coles” different from the competitor. For this there is need…show more content…
4. Awareness in general 5. Keep an eye on competitor 6. Following trends of marketing: - Innovative, differentiated brands, however, can offer potent advantages. Not only can they offer the consumer real benefits and thus give the consumer a reason to change, they can also serve to outmode existing brands (Murphy, 1988). 7. Consumer loyalty needs to be increased: - The main recommendation is to increase the good relationship with the consumer at all. The reason is that if there is a good relationship between the organisation and the consumer then the benefit will be to the organisation as good relationship sometimes helps to reduce expense on the other factors like huge expense that is done on the advertising of the brand of the organisation. In Asian markets, areas such as relationship building and a ‘benefit-the-country’ attitude are sometimes more important than investing enormous amounts on advertising (LaForet and Chen, 2012). So in order to maintain the consumer loyalty with the brand it is necessary to make a good relationship with the consumer as it is the first key of building good image of brand in the mind of the
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