Coles' Human Resources Management Report Essay

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Coles’ Human Resource Management Evaluation Report

This report illustrates two key HRM strategies used by Coles Supermarkets-Reward Management and Performance Management. The core competence and business goal of Coles are elaborated and the room for improvement have been identified, whereby Reward management and its implementation have been critically analysed to bridge the gap between their operational loss (weakness) and optimum performance (desired goal). Likewise, the method in which Performance Management is used by Coles to lead their employees to work both efficiently and effectively has been analysed. Performance Management is a useful tool to evaluate and ensure employee activities line up with the organisation’s
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For example, in either recruit policies or retain policies of Coles, the Fair Work Act must be considered. The second factor is the condition of whole economy such as Inflation, change in pay rates and salaries. During the inflation stage, the increasing living cost will cause higher demand of income to satisfy the living standard. So, now it is the time to change reward system to be more effective. Meanwhile, the change of pay rates and salaries can affect the HRM as well. The third one is social factors such as different cultures of employees. For instance, when an US company operates a division in India, the HRM should be different than America's to ensure all employees with different cultures can work well together. The fourth factor that can affect HRM is technological change. High-quality employees must be skilled in the latest technological devices because it can improve the efficiency of work and help the achievement of the organization's goals. As a result, it will affect the organization's recruit policies. The fifth factor is that can affect HRM is environmental factors such as harsh weather conditions or greenfields. For Coles, if a supermarket operate in a greenfield area or in a harsh weather conditions, the recruit and retain policies must be changed to attract more people to work there.The last factor is legal which means any laws that can affect HRM. For example, the minimum wages set